Laser Hair Removal

Our Candela Gentle Max Pro, GentleLaser Pro and Gentle Yag lasers can safely and effectively treat any skin type. The normal cycle of hair growth on the face is 3-4 weeks, the trunk is 5-6 weeks, and the legs are roughly every 5-8 weeks. It is imperative that you get treatments according to the cycle of your hair growth for a minimum of six times. Missing an appointment can throw off your cycles and ultimately lead to more appointments than initially expected. Everyone is different, so we can’t give you a definite number of treatments just by looking at you. Typically, after six treatments, people notice at least an 85-90% reduction in hair growth. Remember, as long as you are a living, breathing human, you will have some re-growth, and that is absolutely normal. There are no lasers currently capable of treating white, blonde, red, or vellus (peach-fuzzy) hair. It is also extremely important that you stay out of the sun and apply sun block liberally in between treatments. The laser works by targeting melanin (pigment), so if you have an increase of melanin in your skin, the laser will have a hard time differentiating between your skin and your hair. So, stay on the safe side and go tan-free – atleast for the duration of your treatments.

Vanuty Laser